West Coast Recovery Centers

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West Coast helps local and national communities by bringing clinically proven methods to recovery. With a comprehensive approach to outpatient treatment, they offer the chance to find success in one’s recovery process without the stigma and commitment of an inpatient program. With a variety of options to choose from, one can tailor their outpatient treatment to ensure the greatest odds of success in meeting one’s specific recovery needs.

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Red Door was asked by West Coast to help rebrand their company while bringing a fresh look to their website and helping with new marketing motions.

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West Coast’s website was not helping to serve their business needs as they began to grow. They were missing opportunities as their brand was outdated and did not speak to their mission and vision. They also had zero marketing motions to bring in new leads and zero engines to support their growth efforts.

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Red Door helped align West Coast’s new brand with its mission and vision and also set up a CRM system to help triage leads. Red Door also set up funnels to help their digital reach and revamped their website to fuel their business efforts.

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West Coast’s new brand, engines, and marketing motions have helped their business reach full capacity and think through growth initiatives. Red Door also helped West Coast modernize collateral and materials and ushered them into the digital age.