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Microsoft Visual Studio Subscriptions

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Learn how Red Door partners with Microsoft to drive the value of Visual Studio Subscriptions for both Subscribers and Administrators.

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Visual Studio Subscriptions–a robust set of software services designed to support developer teams in creating, deploying, and managing applications on their platforms and devices–underwent a brand change from MSDN to Visual Studio Subscriptions. They were concerned about the existing customer base and wanted to ensure the transition would not confuse their understanding of the value of the subscription. They also needed to communicate clearly about the new benefits added.

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Red Door created ease during the transition by focusing on customer experience as the most important element of the rebrand. By focusing on the Visual Studio Subscriptions Administrator (the primary customer), Red Door was able to–and continues to–ensure there is adequate up-to-date content, videos, trainings, communications, and documents to help the Admin understand his roles and responsibilities regarding Visual Studio Subscriptions.

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Currently, Red Door helps to support ongoing efforts for support and creative services to help propel software, services, and support to their customers.