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The 425 Show

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The future wave of developer content focuses on live, unscripted, “make mistakes”, “code & chat along with the developer” interactive environment, thus creating an enhanced, real-time experience with the emerging developer and the content streamer.  Microsoft wanted to find a way to reach and attract this new generation of developers. Red Door was able to help with the branding and set up and currently manages ongoing partnerships and projects.

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Microsoft is looking to continually add value to current and future developers.  This means they also have to go where developers go to learn and grow their digital communities.  Red Door was brought in to think through how Microsoft Identity could be brought to a new audience outside of their channels.  How do we attract, coach, and build relationships with next-gen developers?

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Red Door is helping to grow and foster an audience of developers that are interested in development and community.  We achieve this by collaborating with Twitch streamers whose voice, online following and learning content coincide with the values of the Microsoft brand, product, services, and learning content.  Red Door then works with each Twitch streamer to edit all content focusing on relevant demos and information, packaged to be syndicated across Microsoft social and YouTube channels.  Red Door has become a strategic partner in connecting new developers, MVP’s, and CDA’s together to collaborate creating streams and demos showcasing how Azure can be leveraged for a variety of technologies.

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So far Red Door has built and grown a digital community. We have provided go-to resources to help with learning and unblocking developers by allowing them to connect directly with streamers, pointing to the value of Azure and resources to continue to grow their skillsets.