Roadworks Collective

Roadworks Collective

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RoadWorks Collective is a non-profit whose mission is to provide behavioral health services for every person on the planet. They do this utilizing modern technology, expert training, and ongoing consultation from behavioral health professionals around the world. They believe everyone on the planet should have access to the resources they need for cultivating behavioral wellness.

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RoadWorks approached Red Door to create their brand, content, and website.

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Red Door provided consulting services to help RoadWorks think through strategy, customer personas and journeys, and best practices for effectively on-boarding users. Red Door began by understanding the core Vision and Mission, ran a competitive analysis by putting the customer experience first, and dug in deep to illuminate all audience types, motivations, and key paths. Red Door developed a content style guide and tone document to establish the brand, and saw the website through to completion.

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RoadWorks Collective has successfully presented themselves to global mental health care professionals and has been well received by their target audience.