Microsoft Wallet

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Learn how Red Door Partnered with Microsoft to reveal their new mobile pay app

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Microsoft was ready to launch a new mobile app payment system and needed compelling web assets to send to their partners. Red Door was responsible for the production of all web assets, including video production, photos and graphics.

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Red Door was engaged by Microsoft to create and launch a video showcasing the ease and efficiency of their new mobile app. Red Door dug into Microsoft’s launch strategy and decided on a realistic scenario; A youthful group of friends throwing a welcome home party (but what happens when her flight gets in earlier than expected?) Red Door pitched the concept and it was well received. Red Door then took responsibility for all stages of production. Red Door also organized and executed a set of professional photographs for Microsoft to send to its partners, including MasterCard and Visa.

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The video helped drive traffic to the app and bring awareness to Microsoft’s new payment system.